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Restaurant Report: Terún in Palo Alto, Calif.

New York Times - California News - September 6, 2014 - 9:00pm
This year-old restaurant wears a derogatory term for Southern Italians as a badge of honor.

$1.4 Billion in Penalties Is Sought in California Gas Blast

New York Times - California News - 1 hour 15 min ago
Four years after eight people died and dozens were hurt in a natural gas explosion in San Bruno, Calif., the Pacific Gas & Electric Company was hit with a proposed $1.4 billion penalty for suspected safety violations.

Berkeley Pushes a Boundary on Medical Marijuana

New York Times - California News - 1 hour 15 min ago
Berkeley, Calif., a city that has prided itself on its liberal policies, will require medical marijuana dispensaries to donate at least 2 percent of their cannabis to low-income residents.

Minor School Infractions

New York Times - California News - 1 hour 15 min ago
Derek M. Cohen of the Texas Public Policy Foundation responds to a news article.

Motorsports: Labor Day Weekend Rewards for Power, DeJoria, Kahne and Marquez

New York Times - California News - 1 hour 15 min ago
Will Power won his first IndyCar championship title; Alexis DeJoria beat John Force in the N.H.R.A. finals.

Ebola Sickens Third U.S. Missionary

Wall Street Journal U.S. News - 2 hours 30 min ago
A third American missionary has been infected with Ebola and is being treated in the Liberian hospital where he works, putting into sharp focus the risks and ethical dilemmas confronting missionaries.

Video Purports to Show Beheading of American Journalist

Wall Street Journal U.S. News - 2 hours 48 min ago
The extremist group Islamic State posted a video purporting to show the beheading of American journalist Steven Sotloff, bringing calls for the U.S. to more forcefully confront the militants in both Iraq and Syria.

Maryland Governor Inches Toward Presidential Run

Wall Street Journal U.S. News - 3 hours 33 min ago
Democratic fundraisers say Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley has told them he would enter the presidential race even if front-runner Hillary Clinton is a candidate, suggesting she would face at least some competition for her party's nomination from an established elected official if she runs.

Let's Spend the Night Together

Wall Street Journal U.S. News - 3 hours 36 min ago
Late-night tennis is a tradition at the Open—and lately it's getting later and later. Of the 10 latest finishes at the tournament, seven have been played since 2002.

Nebraska Lawmakers Work Hard to Be Funny---No Joke

Wall Street Journal U.S. News - 3 hours 41 min ago
Wednesday mornings when the House and Senate are both in session, Nebraska's five representatives in Washington get together and tell jokes to the folks from back home at a Capitol Hill breakfast meeting.

Presidential Hopefuls Travel the World

Wall Street Journal U.S. News - 3 hours 47 min ago
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is set to make his second foreign trip as governor as he and others are stepping up their overseas travels.

Apple Denies iCloud Breach in Celebrity Hack

Wall Street Journal U.S. News - 4 hours 11 min ago
The mystery of how nude photos of celebrities leaked onto the Internet deepened when Apple said its online systems hadn't been breached.

Upbeat Economic Reports Signal Sustained Improvement

Wall Street Journal U.S. News - 4 hours 21 min ago
A strengthening manufacturing sector is fueling expectations that the U.S. economy will expand at a more robust clip in the second half of the year.

Price Cuts Boost Law-School Enrollment

Wall Street Journal U.S. News - 5 hours 20 min ago
A strategy rarely employed in legal education—price-cutting—appears to be paying off for a handful of law schools.

Halliburton to Settle Deepwater Horizon Claims for $1.1 Billion

Wall Street Journal U.S. News - 5 hours 40 min ago
Halliburton said it agreed to a $1.1 billion settlement covering a substantial majority of claims related to the 2010 Deepwater Horizon rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico.

Court Weighs NSA-Program Legality

Wall Street Journal U.S. News - 5 hours 47 min ago
A federal appeals court spent nearly two hours Tuesday peppering the government and a civil-liberties group with questions about the legality of the National Security Agency's bulk collection of phone records.

Family of Girl in Fatal Shooting Accident Is Devastated, Lawyer Says

Wall Street Journal U.S. News - 6 hours 22 min ago
An attorney for the parents of a 9-year-old girl who accidentally killed an Arizona shooting range instructor with an Uzi said the family is devastated.

California Bullet Train Opponents Seek Court Review

Wall Street Journal U.S. News - 6 hours 57 min ago
Opponents of California's high-speed bullet train asked the state's Supreme Court to review two challenges that would block billions of dollars for the controversial rail project backed by Gov. Jerry Brown.

Books of The Times: In Ben Lerner’s ‘10:04,’ New York Is a Character

NY Times Books - 7 hours 32 min ago
In Ben Lerner’s latest novel, “10:04,” New York itself is more than a mere backdrop.

ArtsBeat: New Life for Some Pulp Fiction by Gore Vidal

NY Times Books - 10 hours 19 min ago
“Thieves Fall Out,” written by Gore Vidal under the name Cameron Kay and published in 1953, will come out in April in a new edition.

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