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California Native Plants for Your Garden

As California enters its fourth year of extreme drought, many are contemplating replacing their lawns with drought-resistant native plants. Your Resident Photographer believes strongly that your gardens will look just as beautiful as any botanical garden if you decide to choose native plants.

Over the years I’ve taken photographs of an abundance of colorful native flora. Native plants have developed to thrive in drought conditions and will certainly cut your use of water during these very dry years. In addition, plants like California Buckwheat, Golden Yarrow, Desert Bluebells, California Fuchsia, Ceanothus, and many more will attract a multitude of butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds to your garden.

If you are thinking about using native plants in your garden and aren’t sure where to start, E.P. Foster Library has books on California native plants, and our eLibrary has a variety of eBooks on native plants as well.

Resident Photographer Aleta A. Rodriguez

Kids! Use Your Words!

Come to the Ojai Library Friday May 8th to make a word flag.
What words are important to you? Which words make you feel powerful?
Share the magic of words on your very own word flag. 


Korean Calligraphy Exhibition @ Foster

From May 4 to May 10, E.P. Foster Library will host a special exhibition of Korean Calligraphy by Una Gil Deok Nam.

Gil Deok Nam is a well-known calligrapher and resides in the city of Gwangju, Jeon-Nam, South Korea. Her artistry has been well received by audiences not only in Korea but Japan and China as well. At present she is teaching calligraphy courses in Gwangju.

You can view this exhibit on the first floor of the library. Stop by to witness this showcase of the beauty of Korean culture and calligraphy in general.

David's Dish: Secret Baked Portobello

Shroom: Mind-bendingly Good Recipes for Cultivated and Wild Mushrooms by Becky Selengut was a mind-opening book for me as far as mushrooms are concerned. The first thoughts I have when someone mentions mushrooms either involve a lousy tin of squishy mushrooms or a Beatrix Potter illustration of a fly agaric (Amanita muscaria), neither of which is very appealing—one is just yucky, and the other is toxic. But I delved into the book deeper and was fascinated by the different mushrooms available. Also, the photography in the book is quite exceptional.

Portobello was the cry from most of the foodies I work with, so I began looking for what I deemed the best portobello recipe in the book in order to prepare that dish. The sad thing is I didn’t find a baked portobello recipe—which is what interested me—in the cookbook, but this would not stop me for I was truly inspired by this book to create a delicious mushroom dish.

I was tempted to make the savory mushroom bread pudding, but was spared by a crumbled-up piece of paper left on my desk. Scrawled on the paper was a baked portobello recipe. Such luck! Things like this happen to me quite frequently, who knows why. The recipe looked great; on the back side of the paper it read “keep this recipe a secret.” I can’t divulge much, but the recipe is fantastic. Some of the ingredients are cheese, garlic, and onions, but there are two secret ingredients that can’t be revealed. Needless to say, this dish was one of my best ever! If you have an interest in using mushrooms in your dishes, this is the cookbook for you.


*****David’s Dish

Check out the book at Foster Library, or put it on hold—we will send it to you. If there are any cookbooks in Foster Library’s collection that you would like me to try out, please leave the title on our Facebook page and I’ll get cooking!

The Lazy Loser @ Foster

Join us on Friday, May 1, for a special talk at E.P. Foster Library. Marie Bean, author of Lazy Loser, will speak on topics relating to health and fitness.

Marie Bean busts all the myths surrounding diets and exercise and will talk about how you can eat the foods you like, move the way you like, and never have to diet again.

This free event begins at 11 a.m. in the Topping Room. Stop by to learn more about losing weight the "lazy" way. We hope to see you there!

NOAA and the National Weather Service @ Foster

On Wednesday, April 29, E.P. Foster Library will host another STEM educational presentation, this time by Eric Boldt of NOAA.

Eric Boldt is a meteorologist who will speak on the role of the National Weather Service and how his organization contributes to climate monitoring and coastal restoration.

This talk begins at 5 p.m. in the Topping Room. Stop by to learn more about this exciting topic!

Handle with Care

As we gear up for the next round of Makeshop events taking place at E.P. Foster Library, plenty of makers continue to use the LAB for some interesting projects. One gentleman found that while the handle for his garden spade was damaged, the blade itself was still in good shape. His solution? Design and 3D print a replacement!

In addition to the new series of summer Makeshop events, the Library LAB will continue to host special workshops for individuals and groups who want to learn more about using our equipment. Whether you're a teacher, a parent, a student, or just someone with an interest in new technologies, contact the library for more information—or just drop by our open workshop hours on Wednesday evenings!

Can We Pray For Rain?

In this ‘First Saturday Talk’ Ian James will examine the efficacy or paucity of putting our hands together in the ritual of petitioning prayer

How effective is prayer?  Do we pray in solitude or in community? We may have had a hand in creating this crippling drought.  Can we put our hands together in prayer to help alleviate it?

Let's discuss this fascinating topic
Saturday May 2, 
2pm at the Ojai Library.

  Link to event photo
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