Library LAB Makeshop: Ethanol Fuel @ Foster

Our second Makeshop class is happening at E.P. Foster Library on Tuesday, June 23! Makeshop events are put on through our Library LAB and are tailored for elementary and middle-school students.

This class will continue our discussion of alternative energy with a demonstration of an ethanol-fueled motor. Participants will then do an activity where they will design and create working circuits using conductive ink and LEDs!

This free event begins at 3 p.m. on the second floor of the library. Call the library or visit the Library LAB website for more information.

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Summer in the Library LAB

Summer is here, and our second Makeshop series is underway! We recently held our first class on the second floor of E.P. Foster Library, where we explored wind power and potential energy through a quick demonstration of a turbine and a craft activity. Makeshop classes will continue every other Tuesday at 3 p.m. through August 18.

Summer has also brought new summer hours to E.P. Foster Library, which means that our Wednesday open workshops have been moved up an hour to 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. Visit the Library LAB on the first floor of the library to work with our 3D printers and laser cutter and see what projects others may be working on—like this laser-cut chess pawn made from half-inch poplar. We look forward to using the laser for more projects—especially those brought in by our customers!

Summer Cosplay

Summer is finally here, and for many it’s more than just vacation time—it’s cosplay time. Fans of comics, manga, movies, and anime will soon be converging on Comic Con and Anime Expo, all decked out as their favorite characters. For the uninitiated, cosplay—or costume play—is what I like to call “Halloween for Grownups,” but really, it’s more than that. Rather than just putting on a store-bought costume, cosplayers often make their creations by hand, down to the smallest detail. They embody the character they are portraying, showing true devotion unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

With cosplay growing in popularity, there are finally some books available that offer ideas and advice on how to get started, many of which are now available in the library. One such book is called 1000 Incredible Costume & Cosplay Ideas, by YaYa Han, Allison DeBlasio, and Joey Marsocci. The book is made up of a collection of photographs of cosplayers from around the world, dressed as a range of characters from anime, manga, comics, television, movies, and books. There are even sections devoted to original characters and props.

While it lacks any real instruction on making costumes, this book more than makes up for it with the beautifully-done photographs that fill its pages. The pictures were submitted by everyday people, like you and me, from all walks of life and with all sorts of interests. While you might see some familiar characters, you’ll also see some you may never have even heard of before. The book, I think, is more about encouraging and inspiring people to try something new, to venture out of their comfort zones. If these people can do it, then so can you. It’s more about the ideas than the instruction.

For a book that focuses on real instruction, I would recommend Cosplay Basics: A beginner’s guide to the art of costume play by Yuki Takasou. Inside this book you will see chapters on making costumes including props and wigs; purchasing costumes with instructions on alterations; hair and makeup; participating in an event, such as the San Diego Comic Con; and taking pictures. Each chapter includes helpful illustrations, and a manga story about a first time cosplayer. The author goes into real details, and her knowledge and experience shows—for she herself is an avid cosplayer.

Each of these books has something the other lacks. This is not to say that they are not both useful. They actually complement each other very well, and would best be read together. Whichever book you choose to read, you’ll be in for a treat.

Heather, the Graphic Novel Goddess

The Next Global Big Library Read Starts June 9th

Join the fun! 

Big Library Read is the first-ever “global eBook club,” connecting readers around the world who read the same eBook and Audiobook at the same time. During the two-week program, the Big Library Read title, Eyes on You by Kate White, is available for checkout from OverDrive in our eLibrary.  It’s free, and no waiting June 9-23.

All you need is your library card.



Library LAB Makeshop: Wind Power @ Foster

The Library LAB's summer Makeshop series is coming to E.P. Foster Library! Join us on Tuesday afternoons for STEM-themed classes and activities for elementary and middle school-aged students.

Our first class will feature a demonstration on wind power, and the first twenty participants will be able to build a simple flying helicopter. We will also discuss energy storage and potential energy.

This Makeshop event will take place at 3 p.m. on Tuesday, June 9, on the second floor of the library. For more information, contact the library. We hope to see you there!

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