Frequently Asked Questions - Online Access


Yes we do!

  • Our Need more information about ...? page contains links to many resources on:
    • Government Sites
    • ADA Resources
    • Career and Job Search
    • Health Information Sites
    • Help for tough times
    • Resources for Traumatic Events
    • Senior Resources
    • Veterans Resources
  • Our Homework Help page offers links to get kids started on homework assignments on:
    • Biography
    • California Missions
    • Countries
    • Mythology
    • Reading Skills
    • Science Projects
    • States
  • Our FAQ on Classic Catalog searching helps patrons find items in our Classic, online catalog
  • See also our comprehensive FAQ page

There is a rule of thumb and several exceptions - so it can be confusing! When you see (a gray version) of the symbol shown here beside a link, it means your computer will open a new window for that link and *in most cases* this means you are leaving Ventura County Library's website.

  • The exceptions include our catalog and our eLibrary, which both exist on separate servers than our website and so are "seen" by the software as separate websites. We find it more convenient for those to open in a separate window, so you can be in the catalog and on the website at the same time.
  • One other notable exception is BookLetters - an online vendor providing book lists, reviews and customizable newsletters. While we subscribe to their content and their pages look like our website, they are separate and those pages will open in a new window.

You may want to bookmark our Site Map page as your home page. It is a page of static links to all parts of the webpage.

Yes. All of our library locations* have public computer labs from which you can access the Internet and use Microsoft Office products: Word, Excel and PowerPoint (some have Publisher.)

Additionally, all locations of the Ventura County Library* have wireless access.

Your library card barcode provides access to the public computers available in our library computer labs. Your computing session is subject to time limits and availability.

For reference, our Library Policies.

* except the Museum of Ventura County - Research Library

YES! All locations of the Ventura County Library* have wireless access!

                                                                             * except the Museum of Ventura County - Research Library

-- Ventura County Library wireless is free, unlimited and available 24/7 --

No library card or pin number is needed to access our wireless. Ventura County Library’s public wireless provides seamless customer Internet availability across all our library branches. Set up your login once and at each branch you only need to accept our Internet Policy to access. 

Antivirus - User owned devices have exploded onto networks everywhere with iPads, Androids and smartphones connecting every day. It’s imperative to keep the Ventura County Library network access secure and apply device-specific policies without opening security holes.

Our security software prevents unmanaged devices from spreading viruses on the Library network. In order to keep you secure we now require that you have an up to date antivirus on your device.  When you start the login process your device will be scanned, with your permission, in order to ensure an antivirus software is installed, updated and running on your device. 

If you do not have an up to date antivirus there is no need to worry, once your device begins the login process you may choose to download a free antivirus program from Microsoft. When the program is downloaded you will be able to access the Internet.

Yes. Our brochures are available online on our About Us page.

There are several ways to increase or decrease the size of text on webpages. We recommend using your browser to increase the size of website text and images. Here are just a few of the ways to increase and decrease your view without changing the resolution of your computer:

  • Hold down the Ctrl key (at the lower left of your keyboard and also to the right of the space bar) and hit the + (PLUS) key to increase the text size; the - (MINUS) key to decrease the text size.
  • Hold down the Ctrl key (at the lower left of your keyboard and also to the right of the space bar) and - if your mouse has a scroll wheel - roll your mouse scroll wheel back and forth to change the size of the page.
  • Internet Explorer - In the lower right hand corner of the Window, see the magnifying glass and percentage number. Click on the small arrow to see other choices or click on the percentage for set increase intervals.
  • Mozilla FireFox - Under the VIEW menu, click on ZOOM; select an option. Windows has a Magnifier tool as well: at your START menu, choose All Programs => Accessories => Accessibility => Magnifier. Your computer will adjust so any area you mouse over is magnified.