New Year's Eve in Ventura County



So many good things are happening throughout Ventura for the New Year's celebration! We bet the beach will be beautiful New Year's Day, too. The Ventura County Star has a listing of New Year's events throughout the county, titled "A city-by-city guide to New Year's Eve events in Ventura County." This article is available, as are many other newspaper titles, through the Ventura County Library's website! Check out the Ventura County eLibrary to see which newspapers you can view online.

From the eLibrary's main page, simply click on "News."



Then choose one of the listed providers to begin searching. "America's Newspapers" includes full-text articles from the Ventura County Star!



The Ventura County Star's New Year's Eve guide is also available on their website. What are your plans for the holiday? Do you have any special family traditions for New Year's?