David's Dish: Tuna Chowder

We seem to be getting some terrific new cookbooks here at E.P. Foster library, and one that really stood out to me was Soup Night: Recipes for Creating Community around a Pot of Soup, by Maggie Stuckey. I love soup and truly believe if one can make homemade soup and homemade bread one can survive just splendidly. The funny thing is I was craving tuna casserole when I checked out this book, and low and behold I stumbled upon a tuna chowder recipe. Yes, a tuna chowder recipe. Being an open-minded soul I proceeded to make my first tuna chowder. I have made clam chowder and corn chowder, but this was my first experience making tuna chowder.
Milk, cream, and cheese were called for in this recipe, so I knew this would be a terrifically rich soup. Time was of the essence, so I prepared the soup swiftly, and instead of making the bread I purchased a wonderful baguette at my favorite little corner bakery. I did feel a twinge of guilt about not making my own bread, but my social duties beckoned and I knew I could not disappoint my associates. When the soup finished simmering and the baguette was sliced and buttered I ladled the deliciously rich and creamy tuna chowder into my bowl. This chowder does not disappoint; it was scrumptious! I know the idea of a tuna chowder sounds a bit strange, but it will win your guests over on soup night.


*****David's Dish


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