Ask Us about Borrowing a Kindle DX!

Have you come across a title recently that you wanted to read but that wasn’t part of the Ventura County Library’s collection? While our Interlibrary Loan system is a wonderful way to get books from libraries throughout the country, E.P. Foster Library would like to offer our customers an additional option.

Starting on September 2, 2014, customers looking for titles the library does not own will be able to submit a request for the Foster branch to purchase the title in eBook format through Amazon. For titles that meet our criteria, the customer can then borrow a Kindle DX eReader from the library with the title pre-loaded and ready to read. In most situations, it will be possible to have the device ready to lend on the same day!

Currently, E.P. Foster Library has SIX Kindle DX eReaders to loan. Each will circulate for three weeks at a time, and library customers over the age of 18 with a valid Ventura County Library card will have access to these devices after signing a short borrower agreement.

This exciting new program has plenty of room to grow, and we welcome our customers’ feedback going forward! Anyone who is interested can view a sample borrower agreement online or contact E.P. Foster Library at (805) 648-2716 for additional information about the library’s eReader lending policy.