I've entered my card number and I still cannot get into the database. Why?

First - be sure you have entered your 14 digit barcode correctly. Beyond that, there can be several reasons access is blocked:

  • Access issues - most of the databases require entry from our eLibrary page. If you try to bookmark the database site URL, you may have trouble accessing the database. Try again by navigating to our eLibrary page and then clicking on the database link.
  • Firewall issues - if you are accessing the page from behind a company or personal firewall, there may be issues with access to the page itself or some databases.
  • Seats - Some of the databases have a limited number of "seats." This is the number of people who can access the database at one time. We recommend you try again and/or contact the Web Librarian with the information itemized below.
  • Maintenance - occasionally, databases are offline for maintenance. Ideally, we are notified of such and can make a note.
  • Technical problems - it may be that one of many systems by which you connect has caused an interruption (phone lines, internet service providers, servers, etc.) If you feel the problem is on our end, please contact the Web Librarian with the information itemized below.

If you cannot gain access and you have verified your card number was entered correctly, please send an email to Ventura County Library's Web Librarian and state:

  • The database name
  • As much information about how you got to the database as possible
  • When you were denied access (date and time of day)
  • What the screen said when access was denied (an attached screen shot would be excellent!)