Some databases ask or require me to create an account. Why?

Databases have different reasons to ask you to create an account:

  • LearningExpress Library (LEL) - LEL provides online courses and tests which you may need to stop and restart. With your account, LEL allows you to keep track of your progress. You will always need to enter LEL from the eLibrary page
  • Mango Languages provides training modules and having an account provides the user the ability to work on these modules continuously over time and from any computer

If you are asked for an account number from any other databases, try your library card number. If that doesn't work, go back and be sure to enter the database through the eLibrary page.

If problems persist, please send an email to Ventura County Library's Web Librarian and include:

  • The database you could not access
  • As much information about how you got to the database as possible
  • When you were denied access
  • What the screen said when access was denied (an attached screen shot would be excellent!)