Books! Books! Books!

Book pagesOur new site has many more book features! See the Books & Reading link under Special Interests to find:
 * Our library catalog holdings
 * Book Reviews Plus - Links to popular lists as well as feeds from the L.A. Times Book Reviews, Book Blog and New York Times Books
 * Bestseller and Awards Lists - Over 60 lists of literary awards and best sellers
 * Book of the Day - features a new title every day
 * Staff Picks - Ventura County Library staff share some of their favorite titles
 * Authors A to Z - Learn more about your favorite authors

At various spots on our site, you will see images of book covers. Clicking on the cover photo brings up either the list on which the book is featured or a summary/review page about the work. Both have a link so you may check our catalog to see if we own it and/or if it available for you to request.

We hope you find these features inspiring and enlightening. As always, let us know what you think.

[Photo credit: zerok - Creative Commons]