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Thank you for your interest in helping us develop your collection! 

Use this form to tell us about an item you think would be a good addition to the Ventura County Library. Our librarians review all suggestions for inclusion in the countywide collection.

In addition to suggesting we purchase an item, you may also:

We recommend suggested titles have a copyright date two years or less from the date of suggestion.

Publication dates within six months in the future are accepted.

Our librarians consult recognized reviewing resources—such as Library Journal, Booklist, or Kirkus Reviews—as part of the selection process. Topics should be of current and enduring value to the Ventura County Library collection, and titles by local Ventura County authors are encouraged.

Notice: The loan service pilot program Zip books funding ended 5-31-21.  If the funding is renewed by the State of California we will re-apply with the hope of offering the program again.

Due to the large number of requests we receive, you may not receive a response regarding your submission. 

Thank you again for your suggestion!

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