What are Zip books? 

  • Books (print or audio) are delivered to you free and directly from Amazon, which you return to your local library when you are done.

Wow, Sounds Cool. Who Sponsors This?

  • This is a grant-funded program by the California State Library. 

What’s the Catch?

  • None! But this service is for books the library does not own, and there are some parameters:
  • You must have a library card in good standing with the Ventura County Library
  • You are limited to 10 books a month
  • You may order all 10 you are allowed at once or can order them in smaller batches or individually – but remember, only 10 in a month in total.*
  • Titles must be available from Amazon
  • Print books must be valued under $50.  Audiobooks and foreign language books can be valued up to $75
  • Books should not be available at our library (no prepublication orders or brand new releases, please)
  • Please do not order textbooks or workbooks meant to be written in

How Do I Order Zipbooks?

  • Just fill out the form on the site. (But you might want to check our catalog and Amazon to see if a book is currently available from us and meets the criteria above).

What Do I Do After My Zipbook is Delivered?

  • Enjoy your book
  • After three weeks, return the book to your library branch and hand it to the staff, please.  
    • Put the Amazon receipt in the book, so we know it was a Zipbook (or put a note inside the book)

What Happens to the Book After I Return It?

  • If the book meets our Collection Development Criteria, we will put it in the collection for others to enjoy. 

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