What are Zip books? 

Books (print or audio) are delivered to you free and directly from Amazon, which you return to your local library when you are done.

Program paused:

Thank you for your interest in Zipbooks.  This grant-funded pilot project through the California State Library is currently on pause as of 5-01-2023.  As stated on our website, this was a pilot project that was dependent on grant funding staff was able to procure.  We have relayed the popularity of this program to our partners and have applied for renewed funding. If funded, we will reopen our Zipbooks website and post notices. 

We encourage you to continue to provide direct input on titles you are interested in your library carrying at the "Tell Us What to Buy" page on our website.   All submissions go directly to the Branch Manager of your library for consideration in the local collection.

--Your Zipbooks Team @ VCL

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