How can I search for just audiobooks?

There are several ways to search for audiobooks, both downloadable and on CD or tape.

  • If you want more than one kind of format - for example, downloadable eaudiobooks as well as books on CD - start your search using EVERYTHING (in the first drop down next to the home icon) and enter your search term.
    • Click on SEARCH. When viewing the results, notice the formats available under FORMAT in the left sidebar. You may need to click on "More" to expand the list. Choose all the formats you want and then click INCLUDE.
    • You can further refine using the filters in the left sidebar. If you select an eaudiobook from OverDrive or OneClickdigital, you may be asked to sign in to that collection to view or request the title.
  • If you want only physical items such as books on CD or tape, use the AUDIOBOOKS choice -- in the same drop down menu as EVERYTHING 
  • If you want to see only downloadable audiobooks in OverDrive or OneClickdigital, you can use the DIGITAL CATALOG search -- in the same drop down menu as EVERYTHING
    • The DIGITAL CATALOG search is a feature of Enterprise that directly links specific vendors' pages within the catalog. Currently, there are only 4 vendors in the Digital Catalog:  
      • Hoopla
      • CloudLibrary
      • Project Gutenberg
      • Open Library
    • Not all e-content is in the Digital Library!  If you want to see all downloadable or streaming content, stick with the EVERYTHING menu item for your initial search and filter by format
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