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Black and white photo of the E.P. Foster Library in the 1960s. Shows card catalogs, a long reference desk, book stacks, and tables. About 14 people are shown in the photo.


Welcome to our media press room for Ventura County Library!

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Ventura County Library

Ventura County Library is a public library system of 12 community libraries and a Mobile Library in Ventura County, California. 

The Library is governed by the Ventura County Board of Supervisors and was organized in 1916.

At the time of its centennial in 2016, the system provided access to 412,715 physical volumes and more than 500,000 virtual items to its nearly 300,000 cardholders. 

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Interviews with Director, Nancy Schram




December 2019 interview with interview with V Area Agency on Aging's Monique Nowlin on Our Ventura TV 


November 2018 interview with Sandra Siepak on Our Ventura TV


Ventura County Free Library Book Truck, circa 1936                   Ventura County Mobile Library, 2019

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