Down the Hoopla Rabbit Hole

Submitted by Kay at Home on Thu, 04/16/2020 - 14:18
Guitar being played by a woman's hands

One thing I have time to do now, is venture down virtual rabbit holes. So, slightly bored, I logged into Hoopla, which, I’m kind of embarrassed to admit I’d never used before and which allows users to download and view TV shows and movies, or listen to albums (up to two per month).

Via my Ventura County library card, I landed soundly, no glitches, and started by innocently opening the music page. Wow! Lots of options there. I meandered through alternative, crossed over to new music and popular music, and then I looked at the 2020 Grammy List. That’s when I found Roseanne Cash’s She Remembers Everything. I ran down the songs and at the bottom of the page I found a list of similar artists: Carlene Carter, Rodney Crowell, and Emmylou Harris.

Now if there is anyone in the world I could be for a day, it would be Emmylou. I love her voice, her songs, her style. So, here’s where I got properly lost.

I explored pages of her albums, then options like Harris and others singing the greatest hits of Joni Mitchell. I began to “heart” a list to keep track of the albums I wanted to download now and in the future, and soon I had choices including Mavis Staples, Kate McGarrigle, and on and on. But best of all I found an Emmylou tribute album The Life and Times of Emmylou Harris containing a cover of her song “Born to Run,” which I’d heard once and was looking for. I ended up downloading the album as one of my April choices.

All in all, I let the trip eat up an hour or so. It’s nice to have time to fall into new things.