What I am Missing in April

Submitted by Kay at Home on Wed, 04/22/2020 - 10:27
Picture of coffee and eReader on table

Usually in April a number of my favorite events coincide – The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, National Library Week, and my birthday!  For me it’s heaven – at work things are usually upbeat, on the weekend of the Festival my daughter treats me to a trip to see authors, browse booths, and pick out books as birthday presents, and finally family meets and eats somewhere special.  

This year though I am working from home rather than in the library. The LA Times Festival of Books was canceled and announced its winning books virtually instead of at the University of Southern California.  And my birthday was spent quarantined eating McDonalds (long story) rather than with family.  Which is to say I’m certainly looking forward to next year.  

But I can look over the books that won the LA Times Book Prize – always interesting picks – to see what to read next.  

 And I can recommend some winning titles from this year and years past.  Here are three of my favorites, all available on Cloud Library

  • 2019 Mystery/Thriller winner: Your House Will Pay, Steph Cha - Fascinating novel of two crimes, years apart, and how they relate to the LA riots of the 1990s. 
  • 2018 Current Interest winner: The Line Becomes a River, Francisco Cantu - The longer Cantu works for the Border Patrol, the more his attitudes change. 
  • 2017 Fiction winner: Exit West, Mohsin Hamad - Syria, immigration, refugees and magic realism combine in a book that opens eyes and minds.