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Virtual Volunteering

Ventura County Library has virtual volunteering opportunities which count for community service credit for school or youth who just want to help the library out virtually.

What does Virtual Volunteering mean?  What are my activity options?

Here are are some virtual volunteering areas where we have activities:

  • Book Reviews - Write brief book reviews.
  • Book Recommendations - Recommend books for the collection.
  • Boredum Busters - Recommend websites for our Teens Boredum Busters page. 
  • Minecraft - Contribute to the success of the library's minecraft servers.
  • Reading Lists - Create reading lists from books we already own.
  • Series Gaps - Help find gaps in our series.
  • STEAM Makerspace - Contribute to the success of our library STEAM & Makerspace activites.
  • STEAM Resources - Recommend websites for our Steam Resources page.
  • Summer Reading Challenge 2021 Ideas - Come up with Summer Reading Challenge 2021 Ideas.
  • Virtual Teen Advisory Group - Co-lead the Virtual Volunteering.

To get started with volunteering, please go to our Reading Challenge platform and sign-up for the Winter Reading Challenge and the Winter Virtual volunteer Challenge.  The Winter Virtual Volunteer Challenge has activities to get you started and vetted as a volunteer.  The first step is to register for the Reading Challenge and do the Required Paperwork activity.

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For more information, get in contact with our Virtual Volunteering Volunteer Coordinators below:

Virtual Volunteering, Volunteer Coordinators