Bryce Canyon National Park (Joel's Journeys #17)

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Picture of rocky butte seen through a gap in treeline

This month’s blog refers to the same general area of Utah as last month's post about Zion National Park. In order to get to Bryce Canyon National Park (BCNP) from St. George and the Interstate 15 you could exit on Utah Highway 9 and drive through Zion National Park and then exit the park via  US-89 north to UT-12 east and finally UT-63 south into BCNP.  An alternative route if winter snows are not that bad is to drive past Cedar Breaks on UT-14 and then go north on US-89 and proceed on to UT-12 and UT-63 just as in the previously described route. Please keep in mind that BCNP has elevation of over 8,000 feet so temperatures in winter could be quite cold and any snow and ice will make hiking down into the rock formations potentially dangerous. As compensation for going the extra miles down there you will have more interesting photographs and it will be much less crowded during those chillier times of year. I came back in the early fall and got new pictures and the park is still quite crowded, although not as bad as Zion.

Your blogger joined the crowds on the Navajo Loop on into the rock formations. Farther south on UT-63, you can get a good shot of the arch which I also included. There are also some stunning pictures taken from Sunrise Point--at sunrise of course!






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