I've entered my card number and I still cannot get into the online resource. Why?

First - be sure you have entered your 14 digit barcode correctly. There may be several reasons access is blocked:

  • Authentication issues - many online resources require entry from our eLibrary page. If you try to bookmark the site URL, you may have trouble accessing the resource. Try again by navigating to our eLibrary page and clicking on the online resource link.
  • Firewall issues - if you are accessing the page from behind a company or personal firewall, there may be issues with access to the page itself or some resources.
  • Maintenance - occasionally, online resources are offline for maintenance.
  • Technical problems - it may be that one of many systems by which you connect has caused an interruption (phone lines, internet service providers, servers, etc.) If you feel the problem is on our end, please send a note through Contact Us with the information itemized below.
    • The name of the online resource
    • As much information as possible about how you got to the online resource
    • When you were denied access; the date and time of day
    • Access denied or error message screenshot
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Can I share a copy of what I have downloaded or printed?

Access to the online resources and the content therein should be given the same consideration you would give any copyright protected material. Salient issues are fair use and public domain. Especially sensitive to content owners is transfer of digital content although some online resources allow limited emailing of content.

Our recommendation is that you always consult the online resource's pages for further information regarding your specific application. You may want to start with the "Terms and Conditions" link or "Terms of use" link. Most resources will also offer a "Contact Us" link if you need to ask for copyright permission.

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How can I get online assistance on how to use the eLibrary online resources?

  • All of the online resources and ebook collections have a HELP section once you have been authenticated.
  • Vendors with downloadable content (OverDrive, OneClickdigital, Hoopla, etc.) often have technical support pages (see annotations). These are a good option as the vendors have dedicated staff on call to answer your questions.
  • Call your local library - see the Ventura County Libraries page for locations and hours.
  • Use the Contact Us form to ask your question.
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What is the difference between ebooks, audiobooks and eaudiobooks?

  • An ebook is a digital representation of a printed book. One reads an ebook. Not all ebooks are downloadable (though many are), some can only be viewed within a browser, web app or webpage.
    See our ebook collections.
  • An audiobook is a sound recording of a book. It may be in cassette tape, CD or MP3 format. One listens to audiobooks.
  • An eaudiobook is a downloadable audiobook.
    See our eaudiobook collections.
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Why do I have to enter my library card number?

  • When Ventura County Library purchases databases, ebooks and eaudiobooks, we enter into a license agreement with the vendor regarding who has access to content. These agreements require us to authenticate your library patronage by using the 14-digit barcode found on your library card to gain entry.
  • Library Cards may be obtained at any Ventura County Library location by filling out an application form and presenting it with identification which shows your current street address. (Driver's license is preferred. If you have just moved, a letter or bill with your current address is acceptable. A child may bring in a parent's identification.
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